Online Reputation Management: Reputation Rebuttal

What is Online Reputation Management?

Consumers, customers and clients today are smarter than ever. Once upon a time, a business’ reputation was confined to word of mouth. Now, a business’ reputation is determined by the people through Online forums, review websites, interactive apps and blogs. As such, Online Reputation Management has become an integral part of running a business.

Rather than select who as the best prices, customers these days shop from a company with the most favorable Online reviews at least 63% of the time. Positive feedback will determine a potential customer’s purchasing choice 92% of the time.

That being said, Online reputations are not as reliable as one may think. It is not uncommon for disgruntled customers, bitter ex-employees and passive-aggressive shoppers become Internet vigilantes, disgracing a company without merit. Sometimes, a business is given a poor review or a scathing write-up that may not be true, or heavily exaggerated. The truth matters little to the public in these cases, as they don’t know the facts. In fact, 70% trust consumer reviews Online.

The web might be a sounding board for anybody wanting to express their view. That does not mean you should let negative press define your company.

What Can an Online Reputation Management Company Do For You?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) companies create and encourage favorable results in order to construct a strong Online footprint emphasizing your private characteristics and accomplishments.

If you are seeing content that is negative about your business on search engine result pages, your potential customers and clients are as well. This could have devastating impacts on your company in the future, resulting in missed opportunities, as well as the loss of market share to the competition. In the cutthroat business world of today, keeping your brand is everything.

ORM companies will curb defamatory posts from mainstream media websites, various consumer criticism websites and a number of other negative sources. Their procedures may also eliminate negative evaluations from high positioning in Internet search engines, and they’re frequently able to remove message board rants and negative newsgroup posts from search results too, if not push them down to pages no one will see.

What Approaches to ORM Companies Use to Maintain Your Good Name?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) companies will assess, build, safeguard and restore the Internet existence of your brand with positive and favorable results using the following approaches:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): a procedure for making your Online content rank higher in search engines, such as Google and Bing. Links to your website on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) should only point to reliable, useful and relevant information about your brand, as opposed to negative results about your company ranking high on those same search engines.

Content Marketing Management: This goes together with Search Engine Optimization, because to develop an excellent reputation, and in order to rank well in search engines, the content you put out (and are put out about you) must be of high quality, while adhering to a search engine’s ranking guidelines. You have to remember that Google and other search engines are a business. To maintain the people’s trust, search engines must show websites relevant to what people are looking for. If you were to Google something, and the only results that come up do not help the user, that person is unlikely to use Google again. As such, Google looks for various aspects to consider you worthy of being on their SERPs. These algorithmic factors include informative content, time users spend on a website, page loading speed and social sharing, among other variables. Most reputation management companies can help you enhance your existing content and create new material in order for search engines to favor your website above your competition’s, as far as first-page ranking is concerned.

Social Media Marketing: You are likely on several social networks already, be it for your company or for private use. While platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can enable you to grow your business, one improper image or opinion can trigger a PR nightmare. ORM services can help you to clean up negativity about your brand on social media.

Third-Party Website Monitoring: Disgruntled customers, bitter employees and malicious trolls can damage your Online reputation on websites you have no control over on review sites, forums and Internet communities. Some of these websites take precautions to ensure the information published about a website is legitimate, but unfortunately, the majority do not. All it takes is a comment on Yelp or Homestars, a write-up on a blog, or a discussion on an Online forum to create a negative backlash about your business Online. Reputation Management Companies can monitor these kinds of potential disasters and either halt the situation from progressing, or push the information down on SERPs, so they remain out of sight.

ORM companies will use a mix of white and black hat approaches to remove negative feedback about your business Online. White hat strategies will take lots of time, but will play it safe and give you long term results. Black hat techniques, on the flip side, may work fast, however they’re high-risk and competitive. Search engines might even ban you when they catch on to your black hat approaches.

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